Who we are.

We are former analysts, product marketing managers, marketers, consultants, and professional freelance writers with a minimum of 15 years of experience in marketing and selling in the software industry.  We know how to create value for your target audience and deliver original thought leadership that qualifies and influences your sales pipeline.  We connect you with professional writers and industry thought leaders who do more than write content, they drive demand for your products and services.

We help demand generation professionals, content marketers, product marketers, and executives in the software industry make calculated investments in inbound marketing.

Why you need us.

Not all content is created equal.  Our services are for B2B marketing professionals who recognize the quality of content matters more than producing high volumes of content. There are cheaper options for producing content if return on investment isn’t your primary concern.  But when your brand matters and your decision makers are senior executives your content is an extension of your brand.

Our unique value proposition is our expertise in software. You won’t find a more experienced team that understands your industry, your product, and your buyers.

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