There are blog posts, and there are power blog posts.

The blogging monster is hungry and it has an insatiable appetite.  There are a litany of strategies for blogging.  We recommend you deploy a shotgun approach to blogging that taps into:

  • Internal thought leadership
  • Executive perspectives
  • Upwork, eLance,
  • Influential guest bloggers

These days the search engines are intelligent – they watch for more than keyword or topic relevance.  Engagement is the new currency in organic search ranking.  You need to provide value for your readers. Unfortunately, that means you need to publish original thought leadership. But convincing the domain experts in our organization to make time for blogging can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

Our blogging services are designed to be peppered into your existing blog efforts.  We help you deliver two or three really powerful posts that stand out every month or quarter.  You can then credit these to your internal thought leaders and executives.  We can even work directly with them to align content with their agendas, messaging, and unique perspectives..

Types of content we support:

[TS_VCSC_Fancy_List list_type=”icon” marker_icon=”ts-awesome-dot-circle-o” marker_position=”middle” marker_margin=”10″ marker_color=”#81d742″ marker_size=”16″ content_size=”16″ line_height=”28″]
  • Executive Perspectives
  • Industry Trends
  • Futurist Views
  • Survey Findings
  • Best Of
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Original Frameworks
  • More…
Blog Packages


3 BlogPackage
  • 500-800 words
  • Collaboration on topics
  • Text only


5 BlogPackage
  • 500-800 words each
  • Collaboration on topics
  • Text + Custom Framework(s)


10 BlogPackage
  • 500-800 words each
  • Collaboration on topics
  • Text + Custom Framework(s)

Can I purchase a single blog on an as needed basis?

No. We invest a considerable amount of time and effort learning your business and conducting research to make sure our thought leadership is truly unique.  Our model allows us to commit finite time to clients who value exclusivity and quality over cost savings and volume.

Do I need to come up with topics?

No. If you have ideas or a specific topic you want to highlight in the blogs, we can focus on those.

Before getting started it’s important we understand the goals of your blogging efforts. Are you targeting a new or niche decision maker? Are you looking for leads? Are you trying to showcase your brand in a new software category? Be open to how you plan to measure the success of the investments and we’ll make sure we deliver against those goals.

We are very skilled at identifying topics that will drive the most engagement with your target audience.  We conduct pre-writing research to understand how the topic has been covered in the past and to make sure everything we produce is unique and valuable to your target audience.

When can we expect our first blog?

We will work out a fixed date delivery schedule on blog delivery.

What are the final deliverables?

We deliver professional ghostwriting services; all frameworks, graphics, copy, and content are yours to use or re-use as you see fit.  We guarantee original content.  In most cases final deliverables include word and PPT files (with supporting graphics).

We can accommodate fixed date deliverables (monthly or bi-weekly) or bulk delivery of all blogs on a mutually accepted date.

How much do the blogging packages cost?

The basic package starts at $3k and we extend volume discounts for Pro and Enterprise. We offer a money back guarantee if, for some reason, you aren’t happy with the quality of the work.

We invoice 50% up front after a signed SOW and 50% after final delivery.  But we are very flexible with payment terms – many of our clients commit last minute unused funds to content creation or need to spread payments across multiple quarters.

Request a quote and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish. We’ll show you why we are the best option for showcasing your brands thought leadership prowess on blogs. You should demand results. You should DemandROI.