Persona Content Mapping Template (PowerPoint)

Most content mapping exercises are too generic to address the nuances of your target audiences – by stage, industry, persona, etc. Use this template to identify gaps in your content marketing strategy for a specific persona.  It’s a great way to quickly inventory how relevant available content actually is for your target personas.

[TS_VCSC_Fancy_List list_type=”icon” marker_icon=”ts-awesome-dot-circle-o” marker_position=”middle” marker_margin=”10″ marker_color=”#81d742″ marker_size=”16″ content_size=”16″ line_height=”28″ el_file=””]
  • Inventory relevant content for a specific persona
  • Map content to the stages of the buying cycle
  • Inventory the types of content – blogs, whitepapers, etc.
  • Identify gaps in your content strategy for a specific persona